As far as our homes are concerned, we all want ours to look their absolute best, both inside and out, which is why we spend so much money on furnishing our homes and getting them looking as stylish and homely as we possibly can. In terms of importance however, most people agree that, next to a desirable kitchen, the second most important room to get right in terms of style and decor, is actually the bathroom. Now, unless you’re keen on taking long baths, or having a nice bit of alone time in the bathroom, this is probably one of your least frequented rooms, but just because you’re not in there as often as the other rooms in your house, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it looking its absolute best. From thermometer water spout covers, to waterproof tablet holders, here we’ll be taking a look at four gadgets that ideally, all bathrooms could use.


Thermometer water spout covers

When it comes to taking a bath, especially during the colder winter months, running the perfect bath is very much a process of trial and error, as getting the temperature just right is an art form. If you put too much cold water in, you run the risk of getting into a tepid bath, yet if you make it too hot, you can feel dizzy, too hot, and unwell. If you’re sick of adding water, draining it away, adding hot, adding cold, and stewing a bath that is simply not relaxing, your bathroom could use thermometer water spout covers on the faucets. You fit the thermometer on the spout, and the digital display will tell you the exact temperature of the water. Once you find your optimal water temperature you’ll never have a bad bath again, and thanks to these water spout covers, finding your ideal temperature has never been easier.


WI-FI scales

Bathroom scales are renowned for being unreliable, but if you splash out (pardon the pun) and purchase a set of WI-FI bathroom scales, you needn’t worry about unreliable readings ever again. WI-FI bathroom scales connect wirelessly to the net, where, once you’ve used them, they will be able to tell you your exact weight, your BMI, heart rate, and much more besides. The scales then sync wirelessly with other devices, and can then allow you to store and upload the data via a number of compatible apps, including MyFitnessPal. You can set goals and targets for weight loss, you can track your progress, and much more besides.


Waterproof tablet holder

By tablets, we don’t mean medication, we’re talking about smart tablets such as Kindles or iPads. You can now purchase waterproof holders, such as shower curtains, for these devices, that will enable users to bring their tablets into the shower or bath with them, and store them securely and dryly, allowing them to listen to music, watch a movie, or do anything else, without worrying about getting their expensive devices wet.


A Novelty Toothbrush Holder

Ok, whilst the other offerings on this list may be fairly pricey and technologically advanced, this final offering is ideal for those of you on a budget, or who simply enjoy novelty items. These devices simply attach to the end of your toothpaste tube, and hey presto, that’s pretty much it. You can get dispensers in the shape of animals, in the shape of faces, you can get them in the shape of body parts, and much more besides. For being who enjoy a laugh and who don’t like to be taken too seriously, these dispensers are ideal.

Four eye-catching design ideas for your bathroom

When it comes to home decor, your bathroom is a room in which you’ll to go that little bit further when furnishing and decorating the interior of your home.

Your bathroom is a room where you’ll spend many an hour relaxing and contemplating life, whether in the shower, in a nice relaxing bath, or anything else for that matter, yet creating an eye-catching bathroom design that is stylish, yet unique in the process, is much easier said than done. If you’re thinking of redecorating your bathroom, or if you’re creating a new bathroom from scratch and you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few eye-catching design ideas for your bathroom.


1. Oval sinks – Over in the US, oval sinks are incredibly popular, and that trend is now making its way over here to the UK, so you may wish to seriously consider installing a new oval sink in your bathroom. Oval sinks are ideal because they help to people to create interiors similar to those you may expect to find in lake houses or holiday cottages by the sea. What’s more, as the oval shape is smaller than a traditional square or circle, you also get more counter space in the unit surrounding the sink. Granite counters and worktop surroundings work especially well with oval bathroom sinks, so just bear that in mind.


2. Plain walls and decorative floors – Tiled bathroom floors are incredibly popular because not only do they look great, but they’re also practical as they’re quick to dry, and easy to clean. Many people are now opting for tiles in fancy patterns and designs, which, when chosen correctly, really do look great. If you go for tiles with a floral design for example, that can really make your bathroom look warm and inviting. However, if you go with a decorative tiled floor, you should keep your walls plain, and simply paint them with neutral colours. Bright colours, or wall paper even, would clash with the floor and would simply be too much, whereas plain walls and decorative floors really complement each other perfectly. You can hang a mirror or pictures on your wall, but make sure you don’t try to include too many items.


3. Freestanding baths – Freestanding baths are also very popular and with the right decor, they can really give your bathroom a feel of decadence and luxury. For those going for a luxurious Parisian theme, freestanding baths make wonderful centrepieces for bathrooms, especially in larger bathrooms.


4. Use accessories to add colour – For those of you who are looking to add colour to your bathroom, if you’ve gone with neutral colours for the floor and walls, you can add as much or as little colour as you require, by making use of bathroom accessories. Obviously towels are ideal in this instance as they come in all colours and designs, and they can be placed so that they become a focal point of the bathroom, meaning that your eyes will instantly be drawn to them due to their bright and vibrant colours. Wash cloths, curtains, blinds, and pictures and paintings are also great accessories for when it comes to adding a little colour and brightness to your bathroom.

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